Cli-Ma - Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB)  is the center of every IT Documentation. It delivers comprehensive and detailed Information of your IT Infrastructure of your corporation. Also it builds the basis to supply quality IT-Service, stable system stability and controlled IT-Infrastructure. For future IT Projects CMDB gives important input with it's comprehensive database.

Administration of this data is the big challenge. With Cli-Ma for Salesforce you have a tool in hand, which is easy and intuitive. You easily manage all your IT Assets and other resources needed in you company, handle IT User Requests for Hard - or Software, manage Cell contracts and record and save all dokumention concerning your IT Infrastructure.

Cli-Ma comes localized in english and german. With the integrated translation tool it can easily be localized in any other language.


Cli-Ma – IT Client Management on

IT Clientmanagement

Die IT Clients und Ressourcen wie PC, Notebooks, Server, Smartphones, Software sowie User und viele weitere Daten werden in Cli-Ma mit Ihren Abhängigkeiten erfasst, aktuell und auf Knopfdruck bereit gehalten.

Manage your IT Clients and recources like PC, Notebooks, Server, Smartphones, Software as well as Users and many more data and items with all it’s relations in Cli-Ma for Salesforce.

IT Antrags Workflow

Administration von IT Anträgen von der Bestellung bis zur Auslieferung. Der auf Salesforce basierende Genehmigungsworkflow wickelt alle Useranträge effizient und kostengünstig ab. Auf Wunsch können User die Antragstellung via API beispielsweise auch im Intranet/SharePoint durchführen.

Admin User IT Requests efficiently with the great Salesforce Workflow- and Approval Tools. If desired User could request directly from Intrnet or Sharepoint.


Dokumentieren Sie die Konfigurationen Ihrer Netzwerke, HVT-, UVT- Konfigurationen, Software Anleitungen einfach in Cli-Ma mit Salesforce.

Record and document all configurations of your Networks, Software User and installation guides easily with Cli-Ma for Salesforce.

Salesforce? Isnt' that a CRM?

Yes, and a real good one. What most people don't know: It's much more than that. With Salesforce Appcloud you can create easily your own individual applications.

With Salesforce Appcloud you bring you Applications into the cloud and all of you employees have access oder the internet, whereever they are located. You could migrate your local access databases, users might have developed themselfs into the Salesforce Appcloud, so that it will be part of you managed and maintained IT. And you don't have to worry about new Access releases. Salesforce guarantees full compatibility of you Apps for future Salesforce releases. Let's talk about your Application!